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Terms, Rules & Conditions of Photoshootings

Here you can find my terms and rules of cooperation that I adhere to and follow without any exceptions. Be sure to include them in the Photographer – Model agreement and/or Model Release that we will both sign, so we can respect eachother.

1. Character of pictures I pose
1. My field of interest is creating extraordinary art posing nude, which doesn’t mean explicit content and especially any kind of pornography.

2. I never allow to capture the feminine intimate places and such must be not visible on photography as far as it is possible, considering of course character of the picture.

3.  I’m not going to take away from photographer ability to decide on his own vision, however mentioning above rule, I reserve the right to see the pictures during or right after the session and delete those which eventually will be showing more then agreed.

4. Final photographs cannot show the model in unfavorable or offensive way including associations with violence of any kind.

2. Collaboration
1. I am aware of importancy of good atmosfere necessary to create art, hence I always treat the person I work with as good as that person treats me, putting my 100% into a project. However be aware I never cross the boundaries of what we can consider as morality and good social norms. I have my own family which I respect the most and take care of, so starting collaboration with me I expect you to take this on the first place.

2. Last, but not least, all photographers I collaborated with are very satisfied with our results, and – what happens quite often – they admit their expectations have been exceeded.

3. Financial Conditions
1. Prices – My time is valuable the same as photographer’s. I always give my best to achieve as much stunning results as possible. Of course posing is my passion, but I have bills to pay as everybody. My fees varies depend on the project, considering factors like number of photographers shooting, workshops, etc. For more information on prices ask the question on your project.

2. Expences – If I have to travel to a destination, all costs, like accommodation and transportation has to be covered also, what is pretty reasonable (except when I already have bookings at the place you want to shoot and announced that). I don’t expect anybody to pay for extra things beyond that.

3. Payments – Usually I practise 50% of down payment. The remaining amount must be paid no later than before the photo session.

4. Cancellations – No refunds and 100% owed. My time is money as any professional service. I understand things may happen, but it is too difficult to book last minute to cover the loss. Thanks for understanding.

4. Final Terms

Prior to make a next step to collaboration you need to accept all of terms stated here. Contacting me or sending questions regarding photoshooting means you have read them and accepted. If you wish to have a printed version of Contract signed by me, be sure to include there my terms also as follows:

Terms of Contract Agreement

“If anywhere in this document has been found or suggested otherwise, the following provisions take precedence over the interpretation of this Agreement over other:

1. Character of photo session is not connected with any kind of pornography or violence and the final photographs/ pictures / videos created as the result will strictly correspond to this statement.

2. The Model warrants her consent to appear fully and/or partially nude in some or all of the photographs, excluding in all cases visibility of female reproductive organs.

3. Notwithstanding the above, the following uses are specifically excluded for use listed here and restrict the use of the Work accordingly: pornography and sex services, matrimonial and dating services, any use associated with or calling for violence, rape, hatred, racial or gender discrimination, discrimination or abuse of children, abuse of animals, or showing the model in unfavorable / offensive way or defame her image.

4. The model retains the right to view (during or right after the session) the original photographs resulting from the photo session and remove those on which the parts of her body excluded from this contract (paragraph 2) are too visible.

5. The Photographer, who is also understood as the organizer of the photo session, assumes full responsibility for the legality of the undertaking related to the session and transfers on himself any legal consequences related to a possible violation of local law.

6. The Photographer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the model during the session and immediately before and after the session within a reasonable time, taking care in particular to avoid any detriment to health.

8. The Photographer will provide the Model with selected photos that she will be entitled to publish them in her portfolio and / or social media sites, crediting the author.”

You can also download and use the full Contract I use in case you don’t have one, here Photo Session Contract v1.12 (332 downloads)

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Photoshooting Terms, Rules & Conditions

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Give exact address of photoshooting (incl. Country, City and street address)
Give exact address of photoshooting (incl. Country, City and street address)
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